One Million Hockey Legs

One Million Hockey Legs (1MHL) is a sports and business project in India and The Netherlands, contributing to strenghten Indian hockey in terms of quantity and quality. The goal is to raise up to One Million Hockey Legs in 2018.

Hockey - and sports in general - is more than just a game, it develops children’s basic skills for life. One Million Hockey Legs is an umbrella for a range of hockey and business related events from 2015 until the 2018 World Cup Hockey in India, aiming to give grassroots hockey an impulse and to further develop the business link between India and The Netherlands.

Increasing the number of children and adults playing hockey and developing sustained passion for hockey by introducing the game to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting hockey as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

• To further increase the amount of hockey players and hockey fans;
• To increase the popularity of hockey as a recreational activity and a social sport that is enjoyable to all groups;
• To further increase the level of coaching;
• Building stronger communities via regular sport programs;
• Develop relationships with schools, universities, local federations and governments to carry out activities to further propagate hockey;
• Facilitating Dutch companies in their new or further business development in India and vice versa;
• Facilitating Indian companies in their marketing and business development.

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